All Roaches Ain’t Bad

Since it’s debut in 2004, Scion has been a hate it or love it brand. Being the new kid on the block for some time, it had to prove itself to the automotive industry in general, but especially to the tuner scene. Most of the time, other brands don’t get as much love in this Honda dominated scene. Although that seems to be changing now, I figured I’d post up some tastefully modified Scions to help get the word out. Enjoy.

First up some tCs:

xBs coming soon!


~ by Jon on November 11, 2009.

6 Responses to “All Roaches Ain’t Bad”

  1. Very nice Jon! I am really liking what you have done with the Blog. Let me know if you need any help writing articles or just want anything different in terms of writing on here.

    ALSO, nice to see my car up there! I am very surprise that you associated my car with all of those other sick tc’s!


  2. Sure thing man. Writing isn’t my strong point so having another author would be a big help. Also having event coverage in more than just one place would be good since I won’t be able to go everywhere all the time lol.

  3. Sweet blog dude. I added you to my blog roll.

    On another note, I like that silver tC on the top row. Never saw it before.

    • Thanks man. I got a few more tCs to add and then I’ll start on the xBs. That first tC you’re talking about belongs to a guy on CSTC. I never would have thought those wheels would look good on anything, much less a tC, but they actually do lol.

      What’s your URL? I’ll add you to my blog roll too.

  4. What are those wheels? I recognize them, but I’m blanking on the name/brand.

    My blog is:

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